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Save or Export?

If you add or rename a sample in the program you should "Export..." the program.

Setting note layout for all pads

Samples aren't found when loading the PGM...

The application finds samples the same way the MPC 1000 does. It looks for samples only in the same folder as the .pgm file. It behaves this way because program (PGM) files store only the names of samples, not the paths to samples.

If you add or rename samples in a program you should always choose "Export..." from the File menu. Doing so will export the PGM file and its samples and will ensure that samples will be found when the program is reloaded.

Some samples still don't load!

Program (PGM) files only store the first sixteen characters of sample file names because the MPC 1000 only views the first sixteen characters of file names. However, Mac OS X can view the full file names. Samples with file names longer than sixteen characters will not be loaded with the PGM file because the application only knows the first sixteen characters of the file name.

MPC Pad 187 will show a warning for these samples. When exporting, these samples will not be exported with the PGM file. Saving the PGM file will still function correctly.

By re-adding the samples with warnings to the program, the problem will be solved as MPC Pad 187 will never export samples with names it cannot load.


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